Polypro Webbing - 50yds

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Polypro strap webbing is also known as polypropylene webbing. It is a soft, flexible fabric of woven fibers. Made from thermoplastic resins, this versatile material is perfect for outdoor use due to it's UV resistant and waterproof fibers. It won't stretch like nylon webbing can, and is more resistant to acid, alkaline, oil and grease. 3/8" Breaking Strength 440 lbs, 200 kgs. 1/2" Breaking Strength 308 lbs, 140 kgs. 5/8" Breaking Strength 638 lbs, 290 kgs. 3/4" Breaking Strength 440 lbs, 200 kgs. 1" Breaking Strength 550 lbs, 250 kgs. 1 1/4" Breaking Strength 836 lbs, 380 kgs. 1 1/2" Breaking Strength 1210 lbs, 550 kgs. 2" Breaking Strength 1518 lbs, 690 kgs. Breaking Strength can be varied with respect to individual applications. These figures are offered as reference only and are not to be used as guaranteed performance figures. Products should be tested in their specific application. Webbing Thickness 0.047 inch (1.2 mm)