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Introducing our high-quality bra underwires, the perfect addition to enhance your comfort and support while wearing your favorite bras. Made from durable and flexible materials, our underwires provide the added structure and shaping that you need for all-day comfort.

Our underwires are designed to reduce breast movement and provide uplift for a flattering and natural look. The soft and smooth texture ensures that it won't dig into your skin, giving you a comfortable fit, and the adjustable sections allow you to customize the underwire to suit your specific needs.

Our bra underwires come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles to match any bra design, providing you with the ultimate versatility. Upgrade your bra experience with our high-quality underwires, and enjoy all-day comfort and support like never before.

Flat wire PET

Galvanized Carbon Steel wire

Nickel free - Zinc 30/40 gr/m2

PET Coated 0.06mm

Made in France


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